Derek Kuryliw

 Consulted college, amateur & professional athletes

Certified Sports Nutritionist and Trainer

Played college baseball

 Amateur bodybuilder

Designed Slim Fit products

Slim Fit AM Metabolizer is the newest and most cutting edge addition to the Slim Fit program. It’s exclusive blend combines ingredients to help burn fat, increase thermogenisis in the body, detoxify the liver, reduce hunger cravings, give long sustained energy, all without any jitters or stimulants. It’s liquid delivery ensures precise dosing and the quickest delivery possible. The added methylcobaline (B-12) provides an extended release of natural energy and better protein synthesis for optimal fat burning results.

Slim Fit PM Purifier
is a nightly cleansing and detoxifying product to ensure you start each day with optimal digestion and vitality by helping to cleanse the digestive tract while you sleep. PM Purifier also nourishes the digestive tract with a unique blend of herbs, fibers and enzymes. This is perfect addition to the Slim Fit program to increase weight loss, feel refreshed and reduce your waist line.

Slim Fit Daily 5 in 1 Complete
 provides the foundation to a sound nutritional program. This is more than just a multi vitamin, this product combines a vitamin formula with full spectrum and trace minerals, metabolism boosters and an enzyme complex. This single bottle eliminates the need for five different products. The Slim Fit 5 in 1 Complete is unrivaled as a perfect complement to a weight loss program to help you have more energy & vitality, immune system defense, better digestion and reduced stress.

SlimFit Meal Replacement is scientifically engineered to promote lean, tone muscle and enhance fat loss. It is precision engineered to avoid denaturing and maximize nutritional benefits while removing fat, lactose, sodium and other undesirable elements. The high branch chain amino acid content prevents muscle breakdown when dieting for fat loss. Grade A organic colostrum is added for immune support, mood enhancement, joint and cartilage support, balancing blood sugar, enhanced intestinal flora and improved lean muscle to fat ratio.
Available in Chocolate and Vanilla.